“We love Treesmart and have had such a great response from our customers with the newspaper pencils. I'm thankful for our continued partnership and the way TreeSmart helps Dot send kids to school all over the world!”

Hallie Darphin
Dot School Supplies
Jackson, MS

“The best product by far were the Treesmart pencils which are made out of recycled newspapers. Every child received a package of them and I made sure to point out that they could actually read the newsprint! They were a hit. I kept a handful for myself and use them daily. Good job Treesmart!”

Janet Jannotta, CMP
Meeting Planner, Chicago, IL

Over the last three years, we have shared TreeSmart newspaper pencils with youth and adults during school and community events. All ages love them and you often find people trying to read “the newspaper.” I enjoy describing how the pencils are made and the importance of reducing waste and reusing materials to create something new. TreeSmart pencils are a simple, effective tool in raising awareness on environmental issues! Thanks for having a great product!

Johna Boulafentis,
Nez Perce Tribe, ERWM Air Quality Program,
Lapwai, Idaho

“When seeing these Treesmart pencils, they look remarkably simple, but the idea and the impact they make is extraordinary. Just by using one of this recycled newspaper pencil, you have already made a difference in preserving our tree, thus a small but real step in preserving our precious earth. Though it is made from recycled newspaper, this pencil does not compromise on the comfort of using it and it is as strong as ordinary pencil. Let's celebrate Earth day with Treesmart pencils. It is a smart move for you and me, and for our beloved earth.”

Marco Chen,
Eco Design, Taiwan

“We all have favorite items we use at home and in the office - implements that really work, save time, items that do the job, are reliable and user-friendly. TreeSmart Pencils fit that category one hundred percent. They sharpen easily and give great lead points that do not break. These pencils are strong, dependable and write beautifully. In our office we appreciate that no trees are sacrificed in the making of TreeSmart pencils. We all need to appreciate and safeguard our trees.They are the lungs of the earth.”

Ms. Julia Hayes, Managing Director
Swanborne Center
Perth, Australia