TreeSmart has been making rolled-up recycled newspaper pencils since 1998. TreeSmart begins with recycling newspapers and assembles all parts in the United States. All custom imprinting is produced in our U.S. factory as well.

We begin our process recycling english newspapers.
  Cutting to Size
Each sheet of newsprint is cut to the specific dimensions of our TreeSmart recycled newspaper pencil.
  Our Secret Formula
Then, the safe non-toxic solution is mixed with each sheet of newspaper and HB graphite core.
  Hand Rolled
The No. 2 graphite is then hand rolled to start each TreeSmart pencil. They are then oven dried for 24 hours. After drying, pencils are smoothed to a consistent round barrel, ready for custom imprinting if desired.

The Finished Pencil
After the pencil core is sized, shaped, and printed, it is ready for the eraser assembly. Both the ferrule and latex free eraser are attached to the end of each pencil.

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