The TreeSmart Story


Retractable Ball Point Pens Made from Water Bottles



Over 60 million plastic bottles enter landfills every day in the United States and comprise close to 50% of all recycable waste.

In a world polluted with excess, we really don't need to be making new raw materials, so we're looking to use what's already out there. Read more about our recycled water bottle pens here >


The TreeSmart Story


The TreeSmart® Story

We Make Pencils Out Of Rolled Up Newspaper!

Ever since they were introduced into the world over 500 years ago, wooden pencils have helped us share ideas and dream, communicate ideas, and draw upon new inspirations. It's one of the earliest forms of self-expression. Without a doubt, there's something magical about the "power of a pencil."

Without pencils, youngsters would have never learned how to write their name, super heroes might never have been sketched, and our grandest buildings might have never been built.

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Watch How TreeSmart® Turns Newspapers Into Pencils.

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What People Are Saying About TreeSmart® No. 2 Pencils.

Theresa Dolman, EEC Mgr.

Adelaide, Australia

“Here at Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority (NAWMA) we have been using your wonderful recycled newspaper pencils since January 2011. I manage the Environment Education Centre (EEC). Each year I present to over 3,500 children and 1,500 adults in one capacity or another – so I go through a lot of pencils.

Each one has the message I am trying to get across – REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE – and of course they state that the pencils are made from 100% recycled rolled newspaper. ”

Kathleen Walker, Teacher

McKinley Elementary, Burbank CA

“I think your ‘Newspapers for Pencils’ concept is so powerful, personal, and pertinent to children learning involvement, and the ability to make a personal difference is a complete process.”

Maggie Chang, Teacher

The International School, Portland, OR

“Our students eyes lit up when they learned pencils can actually be made by recycled newspapers and rulers can made by recycled money bills. In this class, students decided to compare the recycled paper pencil, wooden Pencil, and the mechanical pencil. They did an argumentative writing and made the conclusion that the newspaper pencil is the best among those three. Plus it is good for our environment! ”

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